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Fachada Fábrica Fupresa
About Us


Investment casting, high precision investment cast parts

Fupresa is one of the main high precision investment casting companies in Latin America and relies on a history of tradition, quality and technology in the production of high precision parts and components.
With a industrial area of 9.500 square meters, the plant's production capacity being 1,000,000 finished parts per month, among investment casted, machined, tested, and ready for delivering, all of them of a quality standard to suply the world's most demanding markets.

Our Story

The company was founded in 1969, initially working working with conventional investment casting process. In 1980 it went into a joint-venture enterprise with the American company Hitchiner, Fupresa-Hitchiner partnership lasted until 1993, being of paramount importance for the exchange of technologies and the adoption of the investment vacuum casting system (CGP) counter gravity process.
As it's improvement and wide recognition technical capacity, Fupresa starts exporting in 1986 reaching the most important automakers in Germany, France, Spain and Poland.
The company's international quality certifications (ISO/9000) came in the following years: 1998 ISO/9000, 2001 ISO/9000, 2004 ISO/TS 16949 and ISO9000:2000.
The company today has 300 employees among them 12 engeeniring professionals and 14 quality technicians.




Markets Export

The company improved along with its customers in quality, technical capacity, production planning and aggregated value and the result could be felt in the increasing number of parts exported to the European market.

Fupresa, more and more, generating new technologies, process improvement and its employers qualification, which, not only, places itself in the leading position in its sector, but also in a prominent position contributing to the development of the country where it is situated. (Brazil).

Gráfico de Exportação x Mercado Interno

Technical capacity


    Project Co-Design, Cad-Design, Cam-Manufacturing and Fast prototyping Cato V5, Pro-E.

  • Non destructive essays

    X-Ray and magnetic particles inspection.

  • Heat Treatment

    Normalizing, quenching and tempering, Induction Hardening, Solubilizing and Cementation.

  • Machining in CNC manchines

    Turning, milling, drilling, grinding.

  • Surface treatment

    well qualified subcontrated suppliers.


    Matrices with high quality and precision, plus flexibility for execution and modification.


    From investment casted components associated with items such as rubbers, plastics, screws, washers, etc.


  • Reliability

    Fupresa works with in 100 per cent product conformity , uses a ppm in accordance with limits established by its customers and honours all its commitments.

  • Technical support

    With its expertise and experience Fupresa performs product Co-Design together with its customers and invests financially in order to suply series of with high agregated value.

  • Competitiveness

    Acts with efficient production process, works with tight range of dimensional tolerance obtained from special low cost technics. Keeps a permanent focus on the improvement of its procecess and short lead time of its delivers.

  • Exports

    Fupresa is ready to export to any region of the planet, and relies on its internal well trained logistics team in order to do so.